There’s a deeper fundamental issue at play here, which really has nothing to do with perks like casual wear, free coffee, ping-pong tables, or even PTO. It has to do more with changing the core of the anti-social dysfunctional aspect of Corporate America. I’ve worked at “fun” places where we’d have a beer at the office on Fridays, catered lunches, open concept spaces. But at the end of the day, when push came to shove, those in charge were still authoritarian, short sighted, and untrustworthy. We should all be focused on changing these behaviors and making the workplace much more equitable and humane.

I believe that both Millenials and Gen Zs are interested in this too but may have felt that superficial changes would contribute to a less cutthroat workplace but that hasn’t been the case whatsoever. It is time to change the core work culture rather than just the fringe benefits that they offer.

Alejandro Diaz writes extensively on culture, politics, and the workplace.