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  • Daniel L. Goetz

    Daniel L. Goetz

    Researcher and consultant, I explore the intersection of democratic governance, spirituality, and religion. Founder NOTA Society. https://notasociety.com

  • Kevin Teman

    Kevin Teman

  • Sally Brown

    Sally Brown

  • Kris Voelker

    Kris Voelker

  • Yvonne Wolf

    Yvonne Wolf

    People + Ideas Connector

  • Garit Ahsanut

    Garit Ahsanut

    A Middle School Student, mostly reading, writing, and exploring things is what I do, More on me : https://linktr.ee/GaritAt

  • Indigo


    Life Enthusiast | Self development, relationships, wellbeing, navigating trauma. Oh, and writing tips.

  • Jay Quincy Allen

    Jay Quincy Allen

    Mr. Allen has been designing decision support systems and promoting best practices in data management and engineering for over 30 years.

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