Executives and mid-level managers don't want to be questioned or shown up. They want to control their employees and keep the status quo. This is also why they don't put too much importance on older more experienced candidates.

I have had my share of horrible bosses, which sadly seems to be the case for many in the workplace. My advise is to always keep your dignity and never accept disrespect of any kind, stand up for yourself, and have enough funds in the bank just in case you have to walk away. And let, as many people in the organization, all ranks, know how bad your boss is

Most longtime mid-level managers have drunk the Kool-Aid and gladly take on the role of enforcer for the executive class.

If more people had this outlook, our work places would be much happier and fulfilling places.

This manager sounds like a horrible human being. His cavalier attitude toward his staff during this once in a lifetime pandemic will be his legacy. I know it is difficult but these monster bosses need to be called out for their sociopathic behavior. If they’re not, then a lot of good people will continue to suffer.

There is so much implicit bias in the workplace but HR departments and executives will not admit to it. They only act when it is explicit, and even then sometimes they will not act. Data does not lie. If a department doesn’t promote BIPOC or lays them off disproportionately the numbers will display this. One way to address implicit bias is to follow the numbers and act on them.

Unfortunately, there are many people in positions of authority who aren't real leaders. So when it came time to step up during this horrible time in our history, they just weren't able to. They were like dear caught in a headlight. They had no clue.

Unfortunately, most folks "in charge" are not necessarily the most qualified but rather the most cunning.

It seems that a mid-level manager's job is to hold people back and keep them from outshining them. Performance reviews are clearly subjective. In my last job, at a major financial corporation, they made it very difficult to give positive performance reviews. It was a scam. On top of all of this BS being a POC makes it even worse. You're not part of the club whatsoever so you’re totally on your own.

Companies in general need to support their employees with better wages and benefits, brighter futures, and real loyalty. We must insist on this being the norm and not just for those who get the luck of the draw.

Alejandro Diaz

Alejandro Diaz writes extensively on culture, politics, and the workplace.

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