I applaud your friend for being courageous and for speaking truth to power. She sounds like a great person. Having a clear conscience and doing the right thing is always admirable in my book. I have dealt with this firsthand throughout my career and I've never regretted saying or doing what I felt was right.

Why aren't right wingers up in arms about these folks who are walking away from their jobs? I thought conservatives were all about work.

It's amazing how these gun toting "tough guys” so easily bow down to their corporate overlords. They're obviously most comfortable in a feudal society.

Interesting insight. Many couples learned what their significant others really do for a living and how they behave at work during COVID. I’m sure this has affected how many people now see their companions, for better or worse.

Your observations are right on! There are way too many people who allow Corporate America to get away with unjust and immoral practices because they are not personally affected by them, at that moment. These big business overlords need to be held accountable for their misdeeds or else nothing will ever change.

Companies use HR personnel to simply make sure that employees' files are filled with the proper documentation to justify their terminations. All the HR folks I've ever worked with have been emotionless, superficial, tow the company line robots.

Sadly, I've also seen White employees spared from layoffs while Black ones were let go. Even though they all had the same expertise and experience.

The place I used to work at had COVID layoffs last year and all the "working-class" White women were saved from the cutbacks, while all the "working-class" Black women were let go. When push comes to shove…

My solidly raised middle-class wife laughs every time I, a working-class guy from Chicago, turns off lights in our apartment that we're not using. My old man raised me and my siblings to never be wasteful and to save every penny.

Alejandro Diaz

Alejandro Diaz writes extensively on culture, politics, and the workplace.

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